Recently I needed a simple method to load a file from resources into a String. Even if it looks like a very simple task, it usually involves many awkward transformations and exceptions catching.
This solution uses a Scanner to read the entire InputStream into a String object.

private String loadFromResources(String resourcePath) throws Exception {
    try (InputStream is = getClass()
            .getClassLoader().getResourceAsStream(resourcePath)) {
        Scanner sc = new Scanner(is);

The code takes advantage of Java7 AutoCloseable interface and try-with-resources statement to reduce boilerplate code. In case of exceptions the underlying input stream is closed automatically.

It works by setting \A as a delimiter. This regexp Pattern looks for the “beginning of the input” token which of course can’t be reached and causes all the input to be picked up by next().
Using the actual class’ classloader works very well in OSGi environments too (e.g. Apache Karaf, JBoss Fuse).