Windows XP was a good OS. A bit heavy during 2001 but then it worked really well for a few years. I now work on a Mac OSX Mojave laptop with SSD, 16 GiB of RAM and it feels slow. Really slow.

Few years back people were talking online about boot times of 10 seconds. Mojave takes way more time to boot. Would it even work on a magnetic disk?

Some apps on my phone take 2-3 seconds just to display a menu with 5 items. Our computing devices have enormous computing power and so much memory that the fact that they are so slow blows my mind. And there are no visible features that justify such slowness. I mean, it took OSX 10.6 to add a keyboard shortcut to lock the screen. Of course they had to cripple Grab, the application that takes screenshots.

Everything is getting bigger, more bloated and slower for no apparent reason. I feel this is a plan to push more for voice assistants. How come that asking “Hey Computer, set an alarm for nine fortyfive am” is faster than opening the alarm app on my smartphone? Wasn’t like this 15 years ago.

I find it fun that some apps have a “Lite” version that can be downloaded just from some countries and not others. The usual lie is “slower internet connections” or “less modern devices”.

Guess I’m just getting old and some nostalgic thoughts about the “good old times” crossed my mind. Or I’m limited and cannot understand why I should download 10 MiB of HTML+CSS+Javascript to read less than 1 KiB of textual information.